Sunday, February 24, 2008

soggy stockholm evening

I have finally landed at the Prinsen restaurant for dinner after 5+ hours of touring Stockholm by foot. I did try the metro but was rebuffed by a strange ticket selling machine and a seriously glazed over look from the guy @ the counter. Ah well.

The shot below is of an open air ice-skating rink nearby the restaurant. It has an impressive, old statue in the middle. If you look closely you'll see a little girl in a red jacket checking out her skates on wobbly legs.

welcome to stockholm

So the little guy below is pretty popular on the main drag with lotsa little ones hopping on his back while parents look around @ shopping options nearby.

Spent the day here 1st replacing the clothes in my luggage i was going to wear tomorrow. Ah well... After that chk'd out the old town (gamlan stad) as well as some other things, like the lift in Slussen. I love Scandanavian design so may of the shops make me wish i would have packed a 2nd bag (that wouldn't have been lost!)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

mccain train

Stopped outside my nyc hotel the evening b4 Johnny Mac's big super tuesday. Never saw him or his crew. It was was around 10:30 so I'm imagining he was already tucked into bed given that his age (hey I would be too).

Saturday, February 02, 2008

mac, cheese & red wine

Dinner @ the curpheys. Jack and Hanna having dnr while i work, mark makes dnr for us fellas and cara prepares for the 'fancy dress' party where she'll be amy winehouse.

london yesterday

Dessert and drinks with mai @ roka in soho of london. Great company, lousy service, spectacular eats.


Near Brighton with mark, cara and their little ones. Cozy cottage with a nice fireplace. Perfect respite after a long week traveling. Wish u were here babe!