Friday, December 29, 2006

stuff that sucked in 06

so usually i put stuff on my blog that i liked, which is nice. nonetheless, when swimming in the wild world of media, you occasionally bump into things that suck. here's my attempt to keep you from colliding with some of the lousy stuff i encountered in 06. note that i'm leaving off all the obvious stuff like the paris hilton album, anything on network television, and watching my wolverines drop yet another rosebowl to USC (arrrrrghhh!!!!)

cibelle - dry shine of electronic leaves
could be the most boring bossa nova ever. and perhaps the worst title for a brazilian cd. after a killer debut she cranked out a sophomore snoozer.

boozoo bajou -juke joint II
jj I was freakin' brilliant, it was a compilation which blended blues with downtempo and ragga beats. eclectic and unexpected yet very cohesive all the same. jj II is clumsy, tired and over-reliant on old soul tracks. i like the kick off track (rainy night in georgia, tony joe white rmx), but already had it from the also crappy "what is hip" comp. it's not terrible, but knowing what it should have been i just can't listen to it.

a guy called gerald - proto acid
after his mediocre last cd, we get this crap. i'll sell it to you for a buck. no wait, i'll fling it at you if you let me pay you a buck.

worst adaptation of a book i've seen in ages. the book was good, movie was no bueno. they left out big, material aspects of the story and simply forgot to develop any of the characters in a meaningful way. the casting was awful, case in point, ajihad and his daughter who were supposed to have an air of toughened nobility looked like they just got done shooting a rap video (not too mention his daughter looked about 2 years younger than him). the urgals looked like hells angels for the love of god. i hope paolini was well paid for letting them butcher his novel like this...

a scanner darkly
maybe i just don't get phillip k dick. i might not be clever enough to grasp the immensity of his anti-drug message, played out in a slightly futuristic orange county where ppl are hooked on the ultra-potent "substance d". btw, orange county in the future is a real shocker: more than 1/2 the women have their real boobs and it looks like they eliminated a healthy chunk of the strip malls. that's progress! anyways, this movie meandered its way through telling a story which boils down to "drugs are fun, but they squish yer brain and might even be sponsored by the govt so just go read a book instead". at least that's what i took away from it.

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