Sunday, August 19, 2007

current playlist

m.i.a. - boyz - kala
how we operate - gomez - live session, kcrw
don dinero - aterciopelados - oye
una hoja una raiz - aterciopelados - red hot and latin redux
a million babies - owusu & hannibal - living with...
medusa - ulirch schnauss - goodbye
young pilgrams - the shins - chutes too narrow
das spiegel - chemical brothers - we are the night
que bom - mocean worker - cinco de mowo
peacock tail - boards of canada - campfire headphase
twilight - UNKLE feat. 3d - war stories


Mai said...

davecole! eclectic tastes, as usual, i see. the only commonality in our playlists is chemical brothers. i think of you every time i hear about amy winehouse in the news since you got me listening to her... btw, just saw a cool pic of you & alex chou in beijing at some space-age-lookin bar on facebook. i know you're one step ahead, what with having yr own blog'n'all, but when are you gonna launch your facebook page? you could think of it as research ; )

dc said...

mai! great to hear from you. i'm enjoying all your messages from norwich, even if i'm not responding to all of them. busy busy times over here.

you're the 4th person to recommend facebook to me. looks like i will have to cave in soon and do the facebook thing along with the rest of the herd :-)