Wednesday, November 21, 2007

random thanksgiving musings

saw this recently via digg, which has become my geek news source of choice:

it's a mysterious blue cloud that "haunted" a gas station for about 30 mins or so. pretty interesting and i've no clue what it is (or if the story is real). the most interesting aspect of this IMO is how the digg crowd reacted. they made fun of the story and stated that it had to be an insect or something else readily explainable. now i can see how claims that this is an angel or a ghost could be easily questioned, but does everything have to be so readily dismissed by the dogma of science? is it ok if just a few things are genuinely unexplainable and strange?

our world is a wacky, mystical place. there's still many things we do not understand. i worry that the forthcoming generation (and my own) have abandoned this sense of wonder for the scientific arrogance that moves quickly to discredit something that challenges our understanding of the world and our lives. i do, however, applaud the comments regarding smurf farts and the vengeful spirit of global warming coming forth to haunt the SUV owners :-)

anyways, i've been a little lame on posts but figured on this thanksgiving eve i would catch up a little. been heads-down with work amongst the uber-political work environment. our design checkpoint is done so the worst is over but i never cease to be surprised by the fragile egos and poltitical motivations of the people of power in a big company like mine. since i have no further motivation of advancing in the company, i can afford to sit back and laugh a little but it's truly sad. sooner or later, it's back to start-up land for me.

jane and i just passed our first anniversary. i'll spare the planet my cliche'd thoughts on marriage. i don't think it's really *that* much work as people say but it is different than before, as i quickly learned earlier this year. it suits me fine and gets better each day with time and effort. 'nuff said, we're happy.
i will confess i've been spending a fair bit of time on facebook, which sort of feels like i'm cheating on my blog. they really nailed the social aspect of it though and i have to say i completely understand why it is successful. very cool stuff.
time for bed as i get ready to cook my first turkey: cletus, the 20lb wonderbird. wish me luck!

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