Tuesday, November 25, 2008

alila cha'am

just a few quick notes as i take a break from my reading this evening here in thailand. i've lots of photos to share but nothing to upload the little buggers with. later eh?

been meaning to post my reading list, which i s'pose will replace my normal playlist this month. here's my holiday reading:
neverwhere by neil gaiman (already finished, well enjoyed)
the hobbitt by j.r.r. tolkein (can't wait for the movie!)
siddartha by herman hesse (profound, brief & beautiful)
life of pi by yann martel (spectacular vacation book)

and to be read still...
sons of haurrin (sp?), j.r.r. tolkein 
anansi boys, neil gaiman
(i figured i would feed my inner fantasy dork after my religious ponderings)

the hotel here was designed by one of s.e. asia's top architects and is striking. i don't think my written description will do it justice so i'll just wait until i can post some pics. i'm not much for sleepy vacations of lazing about but for a first attempt, it seems to be working out fine :-) today we learned how to cook thai food at the hotel and are still digesting the resultant feast of fish, prawn curry, vegetables and various forms of rice both sticky and sweet. 

alright, so i can't resist a short playlist:
the stops, mexican stand off and forget myself from elbow's leaders of the free world album
un dia, the new album by juana molina (dreamy folktech from argentina)
the renaissance, new album by q-tip (not bad, sponsored a strange dream i had last nite)
rodrigo and gabriela, live from tokyo (complete with chopped up nihongican!)

alright, back to the room. by this time jane must be wondering why it took me so long to to confirm tomorrow's trip to the cave & temple. shhhhh...

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