Tuesday, September 26, 2006

world's first medford, oregon bachelor party

alright, so maybe not the real first, but i'm pretty sure it's the first for a group of fellas from los angeles and beyond.

welcome to medford!!! step right onto the tarmac and let the fun begin. we chose medford not for the wild night life, but for the ragin' rivers within near proximity.

the upper klamath river raftin' posse., a.k.a. many of my best pals on the planet (and anywhere, but i'm biased of course).

go go gadget telescope arm!!! super action photos courtesy of matthew's king kong-sized limbs.

our little camping ground while rafting the klamath.

a lost member of the beastie boys taunting a napping uy.

gathered round the evening campfire.

those roadies seemed like such a good idea at the time... an emergency pitstop on the way home.

gents, thanks for a fantastic journey!!!!

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