Thursday, May 17, 2007

killer centipedes & what bots say when they talk amongst themselves

ugh, dealing with a late night quality issue in china and need a break so thought i'd hammer out a quick blog i've been meaning to post for a while about couple interesting things i've bumped into lately online.

first off, the zoologix blog has become worthy of regular visits for its oddball animal stories and snarky humor. i think i first saw it via digg, which has become my news source of choice lately. (i have it as one of my main content areas on my igoogle homepage) anyways, a couple of my faves are the creepy giant centipede huntings and the jogging flower.

next up is an interesting dialogue between 2 chat bots, alice and jabberwocky. these are programs built to dialogue with people and modeled in artificial intelligence principles. instead of having them chat with people, the authors of the article seeded them with a question and let them chat with one another from there unattended to see what would happen. if you even have a little geekbone in yer body, i think you'll appreciate what follows. one of best lines of the sparring b/w alice and jabberwocky:
A: : -) I don’t have any reason to deceive you.
J: Yes, you do, you’re a woman.

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