Saturday, May 26, 2007

may music & pics

got my hands on the forthcoming groove armada "soundboy rock". overall i like it and think it's about the equivalent of "lovebox", but more discohouse+ragga than a mix of rock and dub. i'm still forming my opinions but the tracks that seem to stand out are "song 4 mutya", "lightsonic" and "what's your version".

of the stuff i picked up previously, i'd say the best albums by far are bassnectar's underground communication, mark ronson's version, miles davis sketches of spain and feist's "the reminder". i wouldn't plunk any cash down for the terminally boring "good, bad and the queen". it sounds like the gorillas without any of the fun hiphop or good collabs. i have to say i don't get blonde redhead either beyond the track "23".

i'll have more to write next month, way too much stuff happening behind the curtain this month that i'm not comfortable blogging about (yet). all should shake out in the next 3-4 weeks.

this is a shot from our master bedroom. i have no clue what this tree is, but every spring it explodes into this amazing purple color, limbs filled with fragrant flowers. when i get the chance i watch it from the window or the roof as it's little hummingbird attendants flit in and out of the branches. we're pretty lucky...
this is a shot of jane at the getty villa. we arrived just in time for the "human sacrifice seminar"! yeah!!! beats the heck outta "personal realization" or "maximizing your weath through real estate investments". nonetheless, by the time we arrived it had already been cancelled on account of the primal gods switching demands from hard-to-find LA virgins to full tanks of 4.50/gallon premium gasoline.
pretty cool shot from the not-so-mighty Q of the columns in the courtyard of the villa. it's a stunning place. not particularly large, but nicely done.
The looks on the faces of some of the greek statues were priceless. This guy looks like he was just informed of an illegitimate child he fathered during a wild night in Cyprus.

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