Sunday, March 16, 2008

detroit city: a pictoral by whit

whit clements, the goalie on my inline hockey team, is also from michigan and a pretty good amateur photographer. he snapped the shots below on a recent trip to the motor city. check 'em out.ketel one? belvedere? chopin? step aside my friends and take your fancy pants foreign names with you. this is mohawk town! mohawk vodka, that is. i'm betting mohawk has been in a helluva lot more brown bags than martinis.

sort of speaks for itself eh? remember how i mentioned the cute, fuzzy graffiti i saw in italy. yikes. this is our goodfellas to their pokemon.

sites like this are not that uncommon. urban decay in detroit is in advanced stages, it has every feeling of a city without hope.

old mills and abandoned industrial yards. sites like this have been mined for scrap metal which can be re-sold. i read a story a few months ago about people ganking air conditioners and phone lines so that they can be sold as scrap. detroit = desperation.

and on a lighter note :-)

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