Thursday, March 27, 2008

democratic fatigue

It's finally happened: I am tired of all the election coverage. I admittedly binged on the earlier primaries and was fully absorbed by the race to the party nominations. now? I'm simply tired of hearing about it. About what do you ask?

Obama's Lack of a Flag Lapel Pin
This is retarded. Why is he not patriotic for not wearing a flag pin? Is this standard politician uniform nonsense, doled out alongside stars and stripes boxers? Don't we have a better measure for patriotism than adorning oneself with a 10 dollar metal trinket? The guy obviously has a sense of style; maybe he just doesn't want that irritating hole left in his Italian suits that pins would certainly leave in his fancy lapel?

McCain's Insanity
I am not going to vote Republican, but I still really wanted to like John McCain. Unfortunately, he is nuts and I am prevented from doing this. When asked about how to solve the current economic woes in the U.S., he began by focusing on the importance of free markets. Ok John, I'm with you. I believe in free markets too. Then he attributed the current issues to legislative and regulatory impediments. What? Are you kidding me? What statutes and encumbrances inhibited the lenders from writing billions of dollars of really ill-advised debt? Isn't that what's at the heart of much of today's financial woes? I'm all for a smaller govt footprint, but excessive greed and myopia has dealt us a serious blow, let's own up to it and do whatever we can do to prevent it in the future. Reluctantly, I think this means correcting issues created by capitalistic excess in this case.

Obama's Preacher
Get over it. The guy's preacher has an abrasive, old school style of preaching that is at least confrontational if not openly racist and wrong-headed. Obama should know better, but who agrees with everything they hear at church? Or in any other group? A thinking, independent person will typically filter what data they take in and accept only what makes sense to them. Why would someone instantly attribute all the beliefs of the ppl who are listening to the one that is speaking? I can understand the temptation to do this, but we need to be smarter than this. We not only have the printing press, but YouTube as well. Let's give ourselves a bit more credit.

I'm done with her little lies, awkward attempts at humor and most importantly establishment politicking. While I frankly think her policies, experience and budget objectives are more aligned with what I want than Obama's, I'm so turned off by her person that I'm afraid I can't vote for her. I just don't trust her.

Having said all of this, I can't believe the current breed of tyrants running the white house and any of today's flawed candidates will be an improvement over GW and Cheney. I was incensed this week to read Cheney's quote of "So?" in terse reaction to the american public's lack of support for the war in iraq. The white house spokesperson, in a failed attempt to recover, stated that the american ppl get the chance to vote every 4 years. WTF? So they can do whatever they want in the interim? No matter how bad the current crop of candidates seem, can it really get any worse than this? Warp speed captain, bring on November!


B. said...

i hate to sound pessimistic, dave, but i think it probably can continue to get worse. yah, the subprime situation really burned our banking system... but let's not forget that as a country for the last 7 years we have been simply printing up wads and wads of cash whenever we needed to buy something- a practice i once thought was limited to third world countries. :)

dc said...

yeah man, my optimism was not for a financial recovery based on the new prez, but a much less lofty desire to move past the current election season and into a new administration. i agree, it's going to take a long time to dig ourselves outta this mess! but at least we can have a prez in the interim who isn't an internationally recognized boob and a veep who doesn't openly disdain the american public.

and some media coverage on something other than obama, clinton or mccain would be nice as well :-) is that asking too much?