Tuesday, April 01, 2008

hello april - musings

ran into this little slice 'o graf on a wall while i was visiting the media in oslo during my last trip. remember the detroit graffiti i mentioned below? skulls, profanity & cheap vodka? well, you can forget about that in scandinavia my friend. starbuck thugs unite! the foreboding "rich kids on soya" posse are rolling into whoville. keep an eye on your splenda my friend...

i caught a snippet of the news this morning while grabbing my coffee from downstairs that mentioned barack obama went bowling last nite and they were going to announce his scores. this almost made me nostalgic for all the anna nicole smith nonsense. i think i might even be ready for a good brittany scandal at this point. i'm waiting for the hillary response to barack's bowling, think she'd be interested in joining me for lawn jarts?

since i've been home for the last month i've been on a non-stop music binge. i'm really enjoying the new jack johnson, gnarls barkely as well as the latest moby album. moby has finally returned to form and delivered his first decent album since "play". i'm still liking the new goldfrapp too, very much a return to the mellow grooves of felt mountain. i'm disappointed in mike doughty's latest though, "golden delicious"; the lyrics just aren't as interesting as i expect from him nor is the production quality there either.

back on the road next week in SF for the RSA conference. short trip, hope it doesn't mess up my now regular running schedule and my wii boxing progress :-)


Mai said...

hey man. i just heard this song, machine gun, by portishead and now i cant get it out of my head. you having a similar reaction to this song, my friend? ; 0

dc said...

yeah i heard it the other day and i liked it. it's typical portishead melancholy with a splash of trent reznor industrial grind. not bad at all. i'm looking forward to the new album coming out later this spring. they've been playing "hunter" a lot on kcrw.