Monday, March 05, 2007


coolest thing happened today when i went into my MRI: they burned me a CD with the images!!! nurse asked me if i wanted to wait for the CD to which i replied i wouldn't miss it for the world :-) needless to say i left feeling very 2007... i was going to say this is the world's first blog-based, collaborative diagnosis of a busted shoulder but i have to bet someone else has done this.

without further ado, check out the inside of my shoulder! the doc says i have a damaged labrum, which is a cushion of sorts between ball and socket in the shoulder joint. what do you think? i think it looks like bad weather system in most of the shots. so storm front or fragged labrum? you decide!


Mai said...

OMG! just cuz you be feeling 'soooo 2007' and techno-savvy dont mean the public is ready to be exposed to mri images of yr shoulder, my friend! LOL

Mai said...

but seriously, i recently saw images of my back on the computer screen a matter of minutes after i came out of the mri machine and thought that was way cool : )

B. said...

ouch, bro. how did you decide on which slices to post? there must of been a ton more on the CD.

don't let 'em rush you into surgery, okay? we have a saying in surgery. when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. :)

dc said...

lol.. i chose the pics that looked the most like something i recognized, be it a shoulder, milk bone, or hurricane katrina on the weather channel!

i'll be cautious with the surgery, but i've had good luck under the knife as well. i'm scheduled for my appt next thrusday so will post on the exciting conclusion.

thanks for the post B :-)