Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ya me voy

yup, took a little hop on a not even half-filled mexicana flt this morning and i'm spending a couple days in mexico city. i've been invited here to be an advisor to the leading bank in mexico, banamex. my initial obligations seem to be signing an ominous sounding NDA and then presenting on the threat landscape tomorrow along with microsoft and a few other tech companies.

i was actually here about 11 years ago (oh man that sounds like a long time ago) on a churchy type trip. in the time i've been away, the DF has grown up quite a bit! check out the pics from my treo of the world's largest city.

this is the new corporate park, built from a former dumping grounds. it's pretty swanky, victor (my host), took me through the local mall which was nicer than most i've been to in LA.

this is the view from the top of the hotel i'm at (the vesta). i had a little ceviche and a beer for dinner while reading my book and taking in an old INXS album on the speaker system.

this is my very modern room at the Vesta! very W-esque and only 190 USD a nite. pretty impressive.
this is our new friend gustavo, he's part of a new style of mexican art which began about 80 years ago from a guy (pedro linares) who had wacky dreams about different animals being combined and such which he then turned into wood figures and stuffed animals. the style is called "alebrijes" and gustavo is a crazy pigfish alebrije and he's coming home with me. i found him in an art store in the condesa zone which was recommended by george. shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell jane...

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Mai said...

glad to see you have regained your sense of adventure on your travels. the last time you were in nyc you wanted to stay in your hotel room and watch Harry Potter! LOL