Wednesday, March 21, 2007

grab bag & scrap book

seen in the news

france spills the beans on their ufo sitings over the years. sacre bleu!;_ylt=AiqF_4rkLF0ECnmZzwNPfw0FO7gF

music sales tank to new lows, down 20% and #1 albums now sell about 60k copies/week, whereas before it was about 500-600k. 800 music stores (including tower) closed in 2006. chk out the quote, they're finally getting it:

Jeff Rabhan, who manages artists and music producers including Jermaine Dupri, Kelis and Elliott Yamin, says CDs have become little more than advertisements for more-lucrative goods like concert tickets and T-shirts. "Sales are so down and so off that, as a manager, I look at a CD as part of the marketing of an artist, more than as an income stream," says Mr. Rabhan. "It's the vehicle that drives the tour, the merchandise, building the brand, and that's it. There's no money."

behold, the colossal squid. 30 of these and you'd have enough calamari to feed the 3rd world. but then you'd have a tartar sauce shortage. ah well...;_ylt=AhF1zBXu39SGVKzTlY.gidcTO7gF

young's bachelor party in vegas

cap'n jonathan and i on his first boat ride in te'os boston whaler. that's the lovely santa monica mountains in the background.

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