Saturday, January 27, 2007

banff saturday

happy saturday and greets from lovely banff in alberta, canada. i'm getting a little boarding in after finally finishing my chapter in the crimeware book-- phew! still a little more editing to go but so far so good. none of that matters today though, going to go shred lake louise with my brand spankin' new burton custom x board that my santawifey scored me. it's freakin' fantastic, slicing thru snow like a hot knife through butter. yeehaw!

just a few music notes: picked up the latest tony allen CD (lagos no shaking) along with "infinito particular" from marisa monte. i can't believe i slept on her for so long! great brazilian tunes. tita lima sounds pretty good too, stumbled into her stuff while checking out at the counter and yapping with the cashier. i'm still really enjoying cee-lo green's compilation "closet freak", he's easily the most interesting performer to hit hip hop in some time. great stuff on his comp but i'm a little surprised they missed some of the stuff from his solo album, like "suga baby" which was pretty solid.

off to the slopes!

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Mai said...

wow, what a picture! it says "sublime"--the snow-capped peaks, the reflection in the water, the awesomeness of nature. sounds like you had a great time there. we got a little snow here last night but not enough to pile up.