Monday, January 08, 2007

tigger buck-wild & dangerous animal jobs redux

oh boy. who's left to trust when tigger steps right up and delivers the smack down on adoring fans? dark days indeed my friend. check out the pic above. you can just make out disneyland mayhem like none other-- the cuddly tigger character has clearly had enough of this kid's shenanigans and hits him with a paw to the head. mind you, it has only been a short time since tigger was implicated in a breast touching scandal back in 2004. he was exonerated, but what would pooh say about all of this? i say any teenage boy who complains about getting beat up by a disneyland character has bigger issues to worry about than residual paw marks.

ok, so if it wasn't bad enough to have tigger on the rampage again, now we have yet another person stepping up to arm wrestle with the hand of fate. saw this little gem on my yahoo's most emailed fotos. isn't this precious... lady who helps animals recuperate faux-kisses with a lion she helped save. lady, no matter how many thorns you plucked from his paws that lion will eat yer fool head if he gets the munchies. just ask roy. just ask steve irwin. if you still need a kiss tia, check out en espanol. previous dialogue on the topic of dangerous animal jobs included below:

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Mai said...

"that lion will eat yer fool head if he gets the munchies" = my fave line. hahaaa! u got a way with words, my friend.