Saturday, January 20, 2007


alright, so i've been pretty lame about posting lately. just too much on my hands at work and personally. i'm just about through doing a chapter in a colleague's book on "crimeware" though so will have more time to write for fun soon. i'll pass along some of the unedited chapter in a later post, it's coming along nicely but slower than anticipated.

nonetheless, wanted to pass along a little happenstance discovery lately: the art of goopymart! stumbled across these guys on flickr when checking out a blog about korea on a sucky conference call. just wacky, fun artoons. the site is here:

i've whipped up the following wallpaper for my desktop from the art, sort of a "homage collage" if you will. feel free to download if you'd like (you'll have to click on it to view it at it's "real" size and then download i believe).

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Mai said...

hahaaaa! this stuff is hilarious! i hear you on the writing; it takes persistence but, like other disciplines, it rewards effort, i find.