Monday, January 29, 2007

"clean" in what way exactly?

stumbled across this little gem while perusing the itunes store tonight. i'm about done with my richard clarke ibook "against all enemies" and am in the market for my next book to listen to while running in the morning.

so, you tell me, how does a song named "crazy mothafuckas" earn itself the "clean lyrics" label? is it only for ppl who can purchase the song but not read the name its name? or maybe the word "mothafuckas" has so permeated our vernacular that we can now drop it in polite conversation?

jim: "how was your weekend, bob?"
bob: "oh thanks for asking jim, the family and i went to the lake to go on a picnic. it was a splendid time! how was yours, mothafucka?"

what's even more offensive than our man krazy baldhead's little opus is that people are actually buying the paris hilton album (look in the right margin). dammit people, you'll only encourage her. and even worse, we'll end up with more "star" albums from people with zero talent and lots of $$$ to pay for production to cover up their complete suckification. if tom cruise does an album i'm moving to myanmar...


Mai said...

hahahaaaa! reminds me of a joke i first heard when i was in high school. an african-american freshman shows up for his first day at princeton and gets lost. he stops a professor on the lawn. "excuse me," he says. "can you tell me where the library is at?" the professor looks down his nose. "here at princeton we do not end our sentences with prepositions." the freshman is taken aback. "oh..." he says. "can you tell me where the library is at, motherfucker?"

dc said...

LOL! thanks for this mai, funny stuff :-)