Monday, April 02, 2007

current playlist

pistolero, "hang em' high" version - juno reactor remixed by fluke - EP
hang tough - fluke - puppy
cherry go round - bibio - hand cranked
longtime - salmonella dub - one drop east
baba o'riley - the who remixed by ils - EP
at least it was - emiliana torrini - fisherman's wife
lucky - easy star allstars - radiodread
dj perferico - dj periferico - city of god remixed
woman - wolfmother - wolfmother
is it any wonder tall paul remix - keane, tall paul - EP


Mai said...

Have been sampling your pics on iTunes:

>Pistolero—like it! what’s that ostinato (repeating musical pattern) in the bass… sounds like a didgeridoo!

>hang tough - fluke – puppy: didn’t catch my fancy but then again haven’t been much into electronica lately (is that what you’d classify this as?)

>cherry go round - bibio - hand cranked: hmm, why does this sound like ‘once upon a time’ music for the opening of an indie flick? (these 30 second samplers are playing with my mind, methinks)

dc said...

fluke is definitely electronica. they're my running buddies, always good for a little adrenaline boost (but a little tough to just sit and listen to!)