Monday, April 02, 2007

welcome to april grab bag

did you catch the google april fool's day joke? rich stuff. in a time when the world is a little less corporate given blogs and user-generated content, google is still a step or 2 ahead of the rest of the pack:
Google's Free Wifi Service

apple and emi announced that they will be releasing DRM-free music via iTunes today at a higher bit-rate... at the price of $1.29 a pop. so now we can pay more to get what we should have had in the first place? not sure i'm impressed but it's a babystep in the right direction. and what a coup for jobs!!! he deftly maneuvered against antitrust concerns by opening up the format for play elsewhere *and* recovered more margin per song while seeming to get a reaction from his previous letter to the music biz. freakin' genius move on his part...

congrats to young and jackie on a beautiful wedding this past saturday eve, coupla shots below.

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Mai said...

Beautiful pics. Hooray! Congratulations to Young.