Friday, April 06, 2007

if it's thursday, it must be seattle

i never realized how much i'm on the road until i started blogging. another week, another city. this time it's lovely seattle who rolled out some fine weather for me, allowing for a couple runs down by the water. stayed in the ultra-fab "hotel 1000" since i was doing a speaking gig for the much better funded marketing group. even scored myself dinner at wild ginger in seattle, one of my fave restaurants on the planet, hands-down.

this was a quick trip so no real observations or anecdotes to share on seattle, but a photo of groovy bud's jazz records.

keith richards revealed that he honored his dead father by adding his cremated ashes to a pile of blow and snorting him along with the cocaine. hmmmm... the midwestern side of me reacts in abject horror at the sheer disrepect of stuffing dad up yer nose on a coke binge. on the other hand, people have requested all sorts of weird crap be done with their remains, from being turned into diamond jewelry for your kids to wear to a dinner party to having your body frozen like a tv dinner (dadsicle, anyone?) in case some future generation develops a cure for whatever malaise is about to do you in.

speaking of coke, i've finally finished watching "city of god", fantastic film if you have not caught it already about the brazilian favelas. brilliant. i also finished "american gods" by neil gaiman recently, which is some of the best sci fi i've read in a long time. dark, clever epic about what happens to the left-behind gods that were once deified inside a country.

lastly, a couple of new studies that indicate eating smart and working out are the key to disease prevention, especially cancer. same old story, but always good to hear that we are empowered to fight some of the nastiest diseases out there simply by what we load onto our forks.
"There are over 100 clinical studies linking increased body mass index (BMI) with a variety of different cancers," says Grotto. Adds Doyle: "There is an incredible association between being overweight and cancer, especially breast cancer among postmenopausal women, and colon cancer."
With nearly two-thirds of Americans overweight -- including 30% who are obese -- the problem is serious. What makes it worse is that most Americans are unaware of the link. Doyle estimates that only 1% of the population knows about the association between overweight and cancer risk.

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