Monday, April 09, 2007

made it into stuff magazine. with all my clothes on.

thank god, eh? :-) i had an interesting interview with the guys at stuff while briefing them on our latest threat report, check out the link below for the details. i normally don't post this type of thing but since it's written for the mainstream (and humor) thought i'd post on it:
Your Life Is Worth $18 on the Internet


Mai said...

Wow! I'm gonna go around telling everyone all day that "Symantec's net guru Dave Cole" is MY friend!

B. said...

congrats dude! i cross posted your interview to my blog...that should be good for some massive pub... not. :)

and btw, i really think you should have demanded that they photo you sans clothing. i'm assuming you at least did the interview nude. :)

dc said...

thanks b! i'll take the hayflick limit publicity :-) it probably got an equal number of readers as my story on stuff, which no doubt faced stiff competition from some 22 year old waif from our lady of the technical college in a string bikini.